Office of Residence Life


Damage Billing

Students are billed directly by Residence Life to the student's account for any damage or repair charges.

Damage to Common Areas

Common areas are those areas of your residence to which everyone has access (e.g., bathrooms, hallways, and lounges) and for which everyone is held responsible. It is important for everyone to be aware of their use and condition. If problems occur, residents should report them to the RA or Resident Director.

When damage occurs in common areas, every attempt is made to identify those responsible. If the responsible individual(s) cannot be identified, residents of the floor, wing, or building-depending on where the damage took place-are billed collectively for the total. Common area billings are typically assessed at the end of each semester or in May, but may be assessed immediatly at the discretion of Residence Life. The amounts appear on billings from the Bursar. Common area damage charges may not be appealed.

Damage to Rooms or Apartments

One of a resident's first jobs when moving in is to verify the condition of the room or apartment with the RA. This is done with the Room/Apartment Condition Report Form, which becomes the basis for any future billing of damages. Please take the time to go over your room/apartment thoroughly to ensure its condition is accurately represented.

When damage occurs, the person who actually did the damage is billed whenever possible. If it is not possible to identify the responsible individual, the residents of the room or apartment are charged collectively. Billing for damage to rooms or apartments can be initiated at any time during the school year.

Most billings occur at the end of the fall and spring semesters or whenever students vacate their rooms. At those times, the room or apartment is checked by an RA and any variance with the Room/Apartment Condition Report is noted. If that variance is due to damage - as opposed to general wear-and-tear, it is assessed and the cost of repair is added to the students' account.

Last modified: Apr 4, 2016