Office of Residence Life


Residents are free to decorate their rooms or apartments. Such decorations must not present a fire or safety hazard. Because of the wide variety of possible decorations, it is impossible to detail regulations to cover every situation. However, the following examples should provide a guide to what is and is not acceptable.

No more than 10% of wall space can be covered per New York State Fire Code. Posters, photographs, etc., are acceptable. Large or bulky paper or fabric decorations hanging from the ceiling or wall are not acceptable (e.g., fish nets, tapestries, parachutes, sheets, etc.), nor are constructions such as room dividers, as they add significantly to the combustibility of the room and its contents. Room murals are not acceptable, nor are any decorations or appliances that require wiring into the electrical system (e.g., ceiling fans).

Some residents may wish to use the room for storage or display of possessions including tennis racquets, bikes, small kites, etc. As long as they are securely attached, do not damage walls or ceiling, or interfere with moving around the room, they are allowed. Objects not permitted in the residence areas for use or storage are also not permitted for display.

String Light Use Policy beginning in May 2014: The use of strings of lights is prohibited in compliance with New York State fire safety regulations.

Last modified: Oct 26, 2015