Office of Residence Life

Keys/Card Access

Students are furnished with the keys necessary to access their rooms, suites, buildings or apartments at the time they move in, along with an ID card encoded to allow access to their building. Because these keys and cards represent the security of residential facilities, it is essential that they be treated with care and discretion.

At no time should keys be left unattended or lent out to others. If keys are lost, the loss must be reported at once to the Residence Life Office. Replacement keys are available and students are encouraged to request one as soon as possible, with safety being an issue. If it is necessary for a lock or core replacement there will be charges added to the student's SIS account.

In no case is a key to be duplicated or transferred to another student. All keys must be returned to Residence Life when a room is vacated, whether for a room change or at the end of the academic year-even if students are returning to the same housing assignment for the following year. Failure to do so implies that the keys have been lost or stolen, and would require the lock(s) in question to be replaced, with a charge imposed on the student's SIS account.

If a student loses their ID card, it should be immediately reported to Public Safety so the old card can be deactivated and a temporary ID can be issued until the student can purchase a new card.

In the event a student leaves his key(s) and ID card in another location, for example when home on break, or visiting elsewhere & not necessarily considered lost, the same procedures should be set in motion to ensure the safety of the student.

Last modified: Dec 3, 2014