Office of Residence Life

Public Areas

Public areas, including but not limited to lounges, hallways, and kitchens, are for the use of all residents of that particular area. Users are reminded to exercise courtesy and responsibility for their behavior and to clean up after themselves.

Furnishings in common areas are for the use of all residents and are not to be moved to individual rooms. Appropriation of such furniture will be regarded as theft.

Because of the potential for offense, displaying pornography in public areas is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, written, photographic, videotaped, or recorded material.

Because of the potential for property damage or personal injury, residence hall lounges, basements, rooms, and hallways are not to be used for athletic practice. Athletic equipment is allowed in residence facilities only if it is kept clean and out of use in public areas.

See Reservation of residence lounges for guidance on reserving public areas for meetings or other functions.

Last modified: Jul 28, 2004