Office of Residence Life

Reservation of Residence Lounges

Public areas in residence halls, including but not limited to lounges, hallways, and kitchens are for the use of all residents of that particular area. No individual or group may infringe upon a resident's right of access to residence hall facilities. However, outside groups (from the Rensselaer community) who wish to reserve a lounge or kitchen for a particular meeting or function may do so provided they meet the following guidelines:

  1. The group must obtain permission from the Resident Director of the hall at least 24 hours in advance of the desired date.
  2. A group wishing to reserve a lounge or kitchen must have at least one member of the group who is a current resident of the hall to act as host. As host, it is this resident's responsibility to see that the meeting or event is not disruptive and that the lounge is left clean and undamaged. (It would be in the host's best interest to contact the duty RA or other staff member to check out the lounge when finished. This, however, is not required.)
  3. No lounge may be reserved for use by outside groups more than twice in a seven day period.
  4. The lounge may be reserved for only two hours at a time. Extensions may be approved on a case-by-case basis.
  5. The Resident Director, in conjunction with the RA staff, may determine times during which reservations will not be allowed (e.g. dinner hours in lounges with kitchens, where residents may usually be eating dinner).
  6. Once approval is obtained, the group must take responsibility for posting notices informing residents of when and what time their group will be in the lounge. This notification does not mean you have the right to exclude anyone from using the lounge while your group is present. "Reserving" an area simply means your group has priority over another group to use the space.
  7. Residence Life events take priority over any other activity. If a dispute over a date occurs, the outside group requesting the reservation will be asked to select another date or time.
  8. All groups must adhere to all Institute/Residence Life policies when using the reserved space. If violations of policy occur, the duty RA or another staff member will ask the group to leave the area. Failure to comply with a staff request, violation of Institute policy, or leaving the reserved area in an unacceptable condition will result in the group's right to reserve a lounge being suspended for a minimum of one semester.

Last modified: Dec 1, 2011