Office of Residence Life

Room Changes

Room changes may not take place until the Residence Life staff in each area has completed occupancy checks. After that time (no later than the third week of the semester), room changes will be allowed on a priority basis. Students in increased-occupancy rooms (double rooms made into triple rooms, etc) will receive first priority for reassignment as new spaces become available.

This is the procedure for room changes:

  1. Students wishing a room change discuss it with their roommate(s).
  2. Students desiring a room change must meet with their RA, who will explore their reasons for wanting a room change. If the reason is basic incompatibility, it is likely that the RA will offer suggestions for avoiding the room change. Issues of communication, compromise, and consideration will be discussed. The RA may offer to mediate differences between two roommates.
  3. If the room change is agreed by all to be the best solution, the RA gives the student a Room Change Form and the student sets up a meeting with a professional staff member. (Note: the RA alone cannot guarantee a room change; this must be approved by a professional staff member.)
  4. The student requesting a room change meets with a professional staff member to discuss reasons for wanting a room change.
  5. If the room change is approved, the student contacts his/her current and new RA to arrange check-out and check-in times, and obtains final approval from the Assistant Dean. Only after this approval will keys be given out.

If a student moves from on room to another that has a higher or lower charge, The Bursar will be notified and the student's account will be charged or credited based on the date of the change.

Any unauthorized room change will result in a $150 fee charged to each student involved.

Any student who makes an available space in their room inhospitable either through their unwelcoming actions or makes the space physically unable to be occupied due to personal items or room set up will be charged a $150 fine. If the student continues to make the space unable to be occupied, they will be charged for each space.

Last modified: Jan 15, 2015