Office of Residence Life

Room Changes that Increase or Decrease Occupancy

Residence Life reserves the right to increase or decrease the occupancy of a residence hall or room.

Increased occupancy of rooms is based on student demand, which may result in a room changing to a double, triple or quad. For example, a triple room houses three students in a space normally occupied by two has a reduced charge per resident. In the event such a room returns to normal (double) occupancy, the room charges will be returned to normal for the remaining students for the rest of the year.

Residence Life reserves the right to consolidate or assign students to spaces in under occupied rooms. If a student resides in an under occupied room, there is always the possibility of a new roommate being assigned during the year. If there is to be additional roommate, efforts will be made to contact the present resident of an under occupied room to provide for general room readiness and prevent undue hardship for both the current and new occupants. When assignment is imminent, the Resident Assistant will ensure the room is ready for occupancy, and the current occupant will be informed of the possibility of a new roommate assignment.

Last modified: Jul 28, 2004