Office of Residence Life

Room Entry, Inspection, and Search

All residence hall rooms, and single student apartments, are inspected to ensure that life safety systems are functional and residents are maintaining their residence in a manner that is not detrimental or hazardous to themselves or other students. Student rooms are inspected monthly.

Room entry may be informal and result in an inspection that is nothing more than looking at whatever is plainly seen. Examples of acceptable room entry include:

  • Making repairs to previously reported damaged items
  • At invitation or agreement by an occupant
  • Sensing a fire or similar emergency
  • Hearing unreasonably loud or continuing sound from a room with the occupants failing to respond
  • A building emergency

Except for extraordinary conditions, Institute representatives will not enter without seeking permission.

If rooms or apartments are to be searched, a warrant will be obtained through the Vice President for Student Life or his designee in any case where property or material related to a violation of the Grounds for Disciplinary Action is sought in accordance with the procedures authorized in the Student Bill of Rights. A search may include looking into all items, in, on, or under which the items(s) sought may be located.

Entry will be requested first by staff knocking on the room door and announcing that they desire entry. Reasonable time will be give for occupants to respond before entry is made.

Last modified: Oct 26, 2015