Office of Residence Life

Signs and Advertising

Signs must conform to the Sign Policy for Residence Halls and Apartments as well as the Institute Sign Policy, as outlined in the Rensselaer Handbook of Student Rights and Responsibilities .

Sign Policy for Residence Halls and Apartments

  1. The term "sign" refers to nonpermanent written or graphic material on paper, cardboard, cloth, or other materials placed on public display for the purpose of advertising or information dissemination.
  2. Only those advertising activities of the Institute or Russell Sage College and their departments will be considered official signs.
Style and Content
  1. Signs must not contain anything that maligns any person or group as determined by Residence Life.
  2. Only signs advertising events or disseminating information will be allowed for posting. Signs advertising services or goods will be considered solicitation and violation of Residence Life policies.
  3. The name of the group or person posting the sign must be on each sign.
  4. All signs must include the date of the advertised event.
Posting Signs
  1. Signs may not be posted on those bulletin boards clearly established for Residence Life staff use. Residence Life must be contacted if a person or group would like to have a sign posted on a Residence Life staff bulletin board.
  2. Only one sign may be placed on a bulletin board.
  3. Signs may not be placed on the exterior or interior walls of a residence hall (see exceptions for banners.)
  4. Signs may not be placed on the entrance doors of the residence halls.
  5. Properly posted signs must not be removed prior to the event(s) advertised unless the group that posted the signs authorizes such removal.
  6. Signs must not be posted in such a way as to obscure or cover signs already on display.
  7. Signs may not be hung in such a way as to damage the residence hall or other Institute property.
  8. All signs must be dated with the month, day, and year the sign was posted.
  9. Signs must be removed by the person or groups that posted them within 24 hours following the event or 10 days after the posting, whichever comes first.
  1. A banner is defined as any sign that hangs on the outside of a residence hall.
  2. All banners must be approved by Residence Life.
  3. Banners may not be hung in such a way as to damage the residence hall or the outside environment around the residence hall.
  4. A banner may be hung from room residents' windows only if those residents give their permission. Any undue pressure exerted on the resident to gain permission will be considered harassment and a violation of Institute policy.
  5. No more than one banner may be displayed on a building at one time, except in the Quad. The Quad, which is considered one building, may have one banner displayed in the archway and one banner displayed on the outside of a building.
  6. Space to hang a banner will be available on a "first-come, first-served" basis.
  7. Banners may not be displayed more than five consecutive days.
  8. No banners will be displayed during the Greek Rush periods.
  1. Signs and banners in violation of this policy are subject to immediate removal by Residence Life staff.
  2. Violators of this policy are subject to Institute disciplinary action.
  3. This policy will be superseded for student political signs during campaigning for student elections by election rules duly approved by the Student Senate.

Last modified: Jan 15, 2012