Office of Residence Life

Spring Storage

Storage is available in many locations on campus on a first-come, first-serve basis. Storage areas are limited in size and will not accommodate large pieces of furniture. Only boxed items, mini refrigerators, trunks, suitcases and similar items may be stored. NO garbage bags are allowed. We ask that you store only what is absolutely necessary to allow as many students as possible to utilize the storage space.

NOTE: Our storage procedure has changed for next year! Items stored for the summer must be removed by the end of the first week of classes at the beginning of the fall term. There will be no storage in the Fall as we will be cleaning out the storage areas and reorganizing our storage programs. All items must be clearly labeled with the owner's name and address.

All storage areas are locked and on high-security key cores. However, students store at their own risk. The Institute is not responsible for items left in storage. Students should not store expensive belongings such as stereos, computers, etc. Students are encouraged to insure stored belongings with a renter's policy or a rider on a homeowner's insurance policy.

Storage areas will be open at the end of the Spring 2014 semester for storage based on the schedule below. All hours are subject to change depending on staffing. As storage areas fill up, they will be marked as closed on this page. Please check back for schedule changes or contact Residence Life.

Fri, May 9 Mon, May 12 Tue, May 13 Wed, May 14 Thu, May 15 Fri, May 16
Quad (removal only) 1:00pm-1:45pm 9-9:45am
3-3:45pm 9:00am-9:45am 3:00-3:45pm 9:00-9:45am
Nugent 1-1:45pm
10-10:45am 2-2:45pm 10-10:45am 2-2:45pm 10-10:45am
North (removal only) 2-2:45pm 1:00-1:45pm 11-11:45am 1-1:45pm 11-11:45am 1-1:45pm
Warren 2-2:45pm 2-2:45pm 9-9:45am
2-2:45pm 10-10:45am
BARH A 3-3:45pm
2-2:45pm 10-10:45am 2-2:45pm 2-2:45pm 2-2:45pm
BARH B 3-3:45pm 9-9:45am
3-3:45pm 9-9:45am 3-3:45pm 9-9:45am
BARH C 4-4:45pm 10-10:45am 2-2:45pm 10-10:45am 10-10:45am
BARH D 4-4:45pm 3-3:45pm 9-9:45am
3-3:45pm 9-9:45am No hours

In addition, the commercial storage vendors listed below have indicated an interest in providing storage to students. They are listed for your assistance but are not endorsed or promoted by Rensselaer. Consider any contract or lease carefully before signing.

Scholar'Ship Storage, Inc.
Full summer storage, Pick-up and Delivery, Insurance

The Spare Room
12 Lower Hudson Ave
Green Island, NY 12183
Rates start at $48 per month, based on size of unit. If you have transportation, more than one student could share space and cost (self storage). Early reservations are requested by the vendor.

Lansingburgh Store-It
75 Gurley Ave
Troy, NY 12182
Rates vary and the fee for locks is waived for Rensselaer students.

Mullen Mobile Storage
We bring it, you load it, we take it away.

Last modified: May 15, 2014