Office of Residence Life

Room Safety

If you see something say something!

Theft of unsecured property is the number one crime nationally on college campuses. At Rensselaer safety is a top priority but it takes more than an office or a statement to ensure a community is safe and secure. In the Residential, Greek and Off-campus Commons too often we take for granted each individual’s role in maintaining a safer community. If you see something, say something must become our community mission. In addition, developing a set of protective habits now can be critical to developing lifelong personal safety.

Exterior doors that are locked 24/7 can give residents a false sense that their personal room is safe but safety starts with room door safety:

  • Keep your room door locked at all times.
  • Never leave your room door open and the room unattended (even if you are just going down the hall).
  • Always lock your door when you leave the building.
  • When sleeping, lock your room and/or apartment door.
  • Never give your key or ID to another individual.
  • Discuss room door safety with all of your roommates.

When entering and exiting the building:

  • Do not permit anyone to “tailgate” you into the residence hall, especially if you know that they are not a resident of the building.
  • Never prop an exterior door.
  • If you see a propped door, please close it immediately.
  • As you gain access through an exterior door always keep your eye on who is entering behind you.

To keep personal valuables secure:

  • Make sure the following items are not left sitting in plain sight:

           o Medications

           o Cash

           o Credit or debit cards

  • Consider purchasing a lockbox for high value items or leave them at home.
  • Keep a record of the brand name, model and serial numbers for your laptop and other electronic devices and give them to a family member off campus.
  • Consider purchasing renters insurance.

A conversation with your roommates about guests is an essential step:

  • Discuss guests; when they can be in your room or stop by to visit.
  • Expectations about keeping the room or unit door locked.
  • Keeping the room neat to ensure you can locate valuables or notice if they are missing.

If you see something, say something!

  • If you see something out of the norm, please contact…

           o Public Safety – 518-276-6656 for non-emergencies, 518-276-6611 for emergencies.

           o Your RA, RD, LA, or AD.

           o A professional staff member

Last modified: Jan 10, 2017