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Quadrangle ("The Quad")

The Quadrangle
Classical housing just between classes and the Student Union.
Classical housing just next to classes and the Union Approaching the center of Quad on 15th street Parts of Quad surround Sage Dining Hall and the DCC area The edge of Quad also extends next to the Ricketts building The Quad buildings surround a lawn with paths between 15th street and the campus proper
  • About Quad
  • The Quadrangle, or The Quad for short, was one of the first residence halls on campus and recently renovated during the summers of 2017 and 2018. It is conveniently located on the academic side of campus and is comprised of 19 stacks. The first two floors of each stack consist of suite style rooms and the third floor has single rooms with floor bathrooms. There is a lawn in the center of the stacks where residents get together to do work, enjoy events, or watch movies.
  • Room Options
  • Co-ed; shared and floor baths
  • Accomodations
  • The Quad houses 450 students in single, double, and triple rooms. It is divided into 19 units, each with its own entry. Each has a small kitchen on the first floor and a study-lounge on the second.
  • Living in Quad
  • Residents on the first and second floors share a bath with the adjacent room, while students on the third share a floor bath. All rooms are air cooled.
  • Location
  • Quad is located alongside 15th Street, across the street from the Student Union.
  • Fun Fact
  • The Quadrangle is RPI's oldest, largest, and most venerated residence hall. Built in 1919, it was completely renovated and reopened in 1988.

Last modified: Aug 3, 2018