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Barton Hall

Barton Hall
Triple style housing for first year students across from Commons Dining Hall
Triple style housing for first year students across from Commons Dining Hall Barton also opens onto Sage Avenue, near Burdett. Grassy fields and walkways circle around the building for ease of access. The front entrance has a direct view of Commons Dining hall, less than half a minute's walk away. Barton's main lobby features two stories and a comfortable, well-lit lounge. There are over a dozen of these smaller study rooms for students to use. Barton also has a lower lounge that includes a TV with fuseball and air hockey tables.
  • About Barton
  • Barton was first opened in Fall 2000. It has three-person rooms with a mix of suite bathrooms and floor bathrooms.
  • Room Options
  • Triples:
  • Shared bath
  • Floor bath
  • Accomodations
  • Half of the rooms are arranged in pairs with a full bath between. The other rooms share a floor bath and are grouped to 7 to 8 rooms per floor. The building features floor lounges and several meeting rooms.
  • The lowest floor's lounge spans three sections and is accessible by all students in the building. Laundry machines are also provided on that floor.
  • Living in Barton
  • Students living in Barton are right at the center of campus activities, and have great access to a lot of opportunities to participate in student life. Commons, the Student Union, Ground Zero, and all the other dormitories on the hill are at most a few minute's walk away.
  • Location
  • Barton's main entrance is on the third floor and faces Commons Dining Hall. Parking is available on the corner of Sage and Burdett Avenues.
  • Fun Fact
  • Barton is frequently used during student tours and orentations as an example of RPI's housing because of how brightly lit, well furnished, and downright cheerful it is.

Last modified: May 24, 2016