Office of Residence Life

Deciding if you're ready for an apartment

Considering an apartment off-campus? Take this brief test to see if it's really right for you!

What are you looking for in an apartment?

(A) A living arrangement that provides a respite from the rigors of campus life.
(B) A chance to explore the diversity of life in the larger community outside campus.
(C) An opportunity to prepare myself for the "real world" after I graduate.
(D) An excuse to party hearty, long, loud, and often!

If you answered (A), (B), and/or (C)....congratulations! An off-campus apartment may indeed be just what you need. However, if you answered (D), you may want to re-think your priorities. Having such reasons for wanting an apartment could lead to your possible eviction, arrest, and/or expulsion from Rensselaer altogether.

What do you think the biggest difference will be between living in an apartment and living in a dorm or at home?

(A) I'll have daily opportunities to learn how to cook my own meals, just like Mom's home cooking or those great meals in the student cafeteria!
(B) I'll be learning about how to interact with different people in communities outside a student environment or my home.
(C) I can develop an idea of what to look for in a living arrangement or community when I finish my studies at RPI.
(D) I'll finally have a place where I can bust loose without annoying hassles from parents or other students in the dorms, and do all the unbelievably wild stuff they do in those stupid movies about crazy college antics!

Again, if you answered (A), (B), and/or (C), you're defintely on the right track. But, just as in our first question, a response of (D) indicates that you really aren't yet responsibile enough to have your own apartment. Thinking that living in an off-campus apartment automatically gives you free reign to just go as wild as you please is a pretty good way to hasten along your chances of getting evicted from your apartment, arrested, and/or expelled from RPI.

Last modified: Apr 29, 2013