Office of Residence Life

Becoming a part of the neighborhood

Get to know -- and respect -- your neighbors

Your neighborhood will be a mix of people with different backgrounds, beliefs, and priorities. You will have working families, children, elderly, and fellow students like yourself.

People inherently fear that which they do not understand, so make yourself visible and introduce yourself to your neighbors. Not only will you get to know one another a little bit better, but you'll be helping to create a safer, friendlier environment.

As far as respecting your neighbors is concerned, keep in mind that many of them need their sleep for work and/or school the next day, so be sure to keep the noise in your own apartment down it after hours. must give respect in order to get it in return, so if try to be aware of the needs of those that surround you and your apartment, you can expect the same in return.

Participate in your community

Check out what's happening in your neighborhood and drop in on community meetings or special events. While you don't necessarily need to get actively involved with any of them -- especially if you don't have time -- an occasional, casual drop-in with a pleasant attitude goes a long way in reinforcing positive community values. It also helps develop a positive rapport between students in general and the broader community.

Similarly, check out what else is happening in Troy and some of the other local surrounding communities. If you do have time for greater involvement, most organizations welcome volunteers. You undoubtedly have a lot to offer and you will learn more about yourself in the process!

Register to vote

If you want to vote in Troy, you must fill out a voter registration form and return it to the local Board of Elections. A form with pertinent deadline and contact information is included in the Appendix.

Last modified: Apr 29, 2013