Office of Residence Life

Addressing possible problems with the apartment

Noisy Neighbors

Talk to your noisy neighbors in a polite and firm manner; don't be sarcastic and obnoxious. If that does not work, ask your landlord to intervene. If possible, make use of available mediation services before contacting the police about local noise ordinance violations.

Repair problems

Under the New York State Warranty of Habitability Law (Real Property Law Section 235e), your landlord must supply you with a safe, livable environment, and maintain repairs on the appliances supplied as well as with the rest of the apartment. Examples of some possible violations include:

  • Insufficient water temperature and pressure
  • Insufficient or excessive heat
  • Water damage to walls, floors, or ceilings
  • Infestation by roaches or other vermin

It is your responsibility to inform your landlord of necessary repairs, and when you do, remember to address them about any repair needs in a polite and firm manner. (Again, don't be sarcastic and obnoxious).

If he or she does not respond promptly, submit your concerns and requests in writing, make sure to date it, and keep a copy for your own records. If your landlord's response is still unsatisfactory, call your local Code Enforcement office to arrange for an inspection. Talk to the Code Enforcement inspectors about their procedures, obtain a copy of their inspection report, and follow up with their office until the work is done to your satisfaction. In the case of your having no heat in the winter, call the Code Enforcement office if the landlord does not respond to your phone call promptly. Please see the City of Troy Directory of Community Services for appropriate phone numbers.

Roommate Conflict

Even the best of friends can clash from time to time. When you can't solve the problems on your own, remember that dispute resolution groups are available, even at Rensselaer, to provide mediation services. So use them while there is still time to resolve issues amicably!

In the extreme situation of being physically threatened by your roommate, contact the police department.

Last modified: Apr 29, 2013