Office of Residence Life

BARH Staff

Resident Director Zachary Short
Room: D306

Resident Assistant Lauren Pencille
Room: A207
Oversees: 1st and 2nd floors of A wing

Resident Assistant Raymond Abini-Agbomson
Room: A407
Oversees: example: 3rd and 4th floors of A wing

Resident Assistant Eric Gayle
Room: B208
Oversees: Bwing 101- B209

Resident Assistant Jessica MacPherson
Room: C207
Oversees: B 211- B311; C101-C108

Resident Assistant Samad Farooqui
Room: C307
Oversees: C 110- C312

Resident Assistant Ida Etemadi
Room: D208
Oversees: 1st and 2nd floors D wing

Resident Assistant Rachel Ratte
Room: D406
Oversees: 3rd and 4th floor D wing

Learning Assistant Michael Franta
Room: B206
Oversees: B wing and A 3rd and 4th floors

Learning Assistant Justine Kundmueller
Room: C205
Oversees: C wing and A 1st and 2nd floors

Learning Assistant Christine Simon
Room: C305
Oversees: D wing

Professional staff overseeing this building: Aaron Youmans.

Last modified: Oct 27, 2017