Office of Residence Life

Barton Hall

Resident Director Diego Carrasquillo
Room: Barton 2120

Resident Assistant Akash Mody
Room: Barton 1122
Oversees: 1st floor and 2nd floor A-wing

Resident Assistant Justin Etzine
Room: Barton 2322
Oversees: 2nd floor B-Wing

Resident Assistant Trishala Chaudhary
Room: Barton 3122
Oversees: 3rd floor A-wing

Resident Assistant Alexander Schneiderman
Room: Barton 3322
Oversees: 3rd floor B-wing

Resident Assistant Kathleen Kanai
Room: Barton 4122
Oversees: 4th floor A-wing

Resident Assistant Jacob Fucci
Room: Barton 4322
Oversees: 4th floor B-wing

Learning Assistant Rob Russo
Room: Barton 3308
Oversees: B-wing

Learning Assistant Kenneth Varghese
Room: Barton 2122
Oversees: A-wing

Professional staff overseeing this building: Aaron Youmans.

Last modified: Dec 29, 2016