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  • About E-Complex
  • E-Complex is located on Sage Avenue, across from the main campus. It has six units - Cassatt, Clement, Hearne, Hirai, Voorhees, and Waite - with approximately 20 students each.
  • Room Options
  • Singles
  • Doubles

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  • Accommodations
  • E-Complex has both double rooms and single rooms, sharing two floor bathrooms between approximately 22 people. There are two kitchenettes in the building for community use.


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  • Location
  • E-Complex is located on Sage Avenue across from the academic core of campus.
  • Fun Fact
  • Each of the buildings in E-Complex (and also North) are named for an alum who had been president of a railroad company: Alexander J. Cassatt (1859), Pennsylvania Railroad; William H. Clement (1835), Cincinnati Southern Railroad; Frank J. Hearne (1867), Colorado and Wyoming Railroad; Seijiro Hirai (1878), Imperial Government of Japan; Theodore Voorhees (1869), Philadelphia & Reading Railroad; Christopher C. Waite (1864), Columbus, Hocking Valley & Toledo Railroad.

Last modified: Sep 5, 2018