Office of Residence Life

North Hall

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  • About North Hall
  • North Hall is conveniently located across from the main academic campus on Sage Avenue. The residential complex has both doubles and single units with common bathrooms, multiuse lounges, and kitchenettes.
  • Room Options
  • Singles
  • Doubles
  • Accommodations
  • North Hall has both double rooms and single rooms, sharing two floor bathrooms between approximately 22 people. There are two kitchenettes in the building, as well as a multi-use lounge and laundry facilities on the first floor.
  • Living in North Hall
  • Location
  • North Hall is located on Sage Avenue across from the academic core of campus.
  • Fun Fact
  • North Hall was built in 1932, and converted into laboratory and office space in 1961. In 1978, it was remodeled and converted back into a residence hall.

Last modified: Mar 13, 2017