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Top 10 Reasons to Live On Campus!

10 Reasons to Live On Campus

There are many reasons, small and large, to live in on campus housing. Below are 10 of the top reason to live on campus. Experience college the way it was meant to be experienced - live on campus!

1) Live Smart!

The experts agree! Research of college students across the nation indicates that students who live on campus are more satisfied with their college experience, earn higher grade point averages, and are more likely to persist towards graduation. According to the American Council on Education, “Students who live on campus have a 10 to 15 percent better chance of doing well in college than students living off campus. On-campus students have better grades, take more credits and units, and are more likely to persevere to achieve a university degree.”

2) Live Connected!

With an Ethernet connection for every resident and well-positioned hubs for wireless access, on-campus residents are able to stay connected with professors, friends, and family members. Each residence hall room has a phone line with free local phone service. Now, Residence Life is on-line with the housing assignment process and lottery program with our housing selection software, StarRez. No more lines or paperwork! Its easier than ever to sign up for your room and have access to all your housing and roommate information online.

3) Live Comfortably!

On-campus housing provides residents with the traditional amenities. All rooms are wired with Ethernet service and wireless is available for 3500 residents. Residence hall rooms have phone and cable connections. In addition, by living at Rensselaer you have easy access to private study rooms, late-night dining, and recreational facilities including cardiovascular and weight training machines, swimming pool, tennis courts, and gyms.

4) Live Supported!

Interact and live with dedicated professional and student staff members in Residence Life. Each residence hall at Rensselaer has a team of staff members who work cooperatively to build and maintain a living and learning community. Resident Assistants and Resident Directors are your peers! Staff members are available to assist you with personal and academic concerns and to serve as a knowledgeable resource.

5) Live Close!

Sleep more, drive less. Students who live off campus often find themselves searching for a parking space and wondering if they will make it to class on time. When you live at Rensselaer you can roll out of bed 10 minutes before class and still arrive on time. In addition, living at Rensselaer means avoiding the hassles of traffic and parking, while enjoying the conveniences of living near the library and classrooms, dining facilities, the Union, gyms, professors, labs, and all the other campus facilities.

6) Live Safe!

Students always rank campus safety as their number one point of satisfaction with residence life. Public Safety and residence life staff members are available 24 hours a day to make you feel safe. All residence halls have controlled access and are equipped with modern life-safety features. In addition, the availability of the campus shuttle and 24-hour escort services allow you to feel safe while traveling across the campus.

7) Live Hassle-Free!

Living off campus seems like it could be a cost saving option. However, when you consider ALL the costs (furniture, rent, water, power, gas, cable service, trash, internet service, commuting to campus, plowing, etc.) living in Troy can be quite expensive. As a resident in on-campus housing, you can save money by making one payment that covers ALL the costs: utilities, local phone, cable, Ethernet, rent, furniture, laundry, amenities, and shuttle transportation around campus. You avoid the hassles of paying monthly bills. And, when you graduate, you will not have to worry about getting back a security deposit, selling furniture, or terminating utility services. Furthermore, by living at Rensselaer, you have the opportunity to study abroad or participate in a CO-OP without having to sublet your apartment. If you decide to go abroad, Residence Life will release you from your Residential Commons Agreement with no obligations. Avoid the hassle: live at Rensselaer!

8) Live With Opportunities!

Living at Rensselaer provides you more opportunities to interact with staff and faculty who can provide invaluable personal and career guidance, career connections, and leadership opportunities. Students find that with this involvement they achieve more personal growth and they are stronger candidates when they pursue their career aspirations and goals.

9) Live With Friends! Join A Theme! Create your own theme!

Living at Rensselaer means living with friends and having opportunities to meet people you otherwise would not have known, and to build bonds of friendship that can remain for your lifetime. Join ARDA (Science Fiction), Ground Zero (Music), Leadership House, D-Arts (Design and the Arts), or VASUDHA (Earth, Energy, and Environment) and get involved with campus life. Consider putting together a living group which concentrates on one of the Grand Challenges such as sustainability, energy, or transportation. After identifying your group, participate in the Group Commons Application during housing selection.

10) Live With CLASS!

CLASS is an initiative that President Jackson implemented “to elevate the quality of support for undergraduates; it will provide them with a greater sense of community and belonging and ensure that every student receives the best counseling, mentoring, and personal attention possible.” Live at Rensselaer and participate in over 500 programs that are designed to help you become a better leader, a better communicator, and a better professional. Have fun! Live at Rensselaer!

Last modified: Oct 9, 2014