Office of Residence Life

Housing Extensions

Click here for the Extension Application, or you can fill one out at Residence Life!

All extension applications are due May 6, 2016. After that applications will most likely be denied as plans are made around which rooms are occupied past May 21, 2016. Applications submitted and approved late will be subject to a $15 administrative fee.

Please note that housing past May 21 is a privilege and not a right. Cleaning, maintenance, renovations, and other activities preparing for the Fall semester begin immediately, and the services as Rensselaer are reduced as the academic year has ended and the buildings are closed. While we want to be flexible with students, the closing date has been advertised for many months and we expect students and families to plan accordingly.

Fill out this application if you need to stay for personal reasons.

If your request to stay on beyond the closing date is due to travel problems, academic responsibilities, or Rensselaer employment during the week, please fill out the extension application and attach documentation of your need (e.g.., note from professor, copy of plane ticket reservation, etc.) for review. If your request is not approved, you must move out of your residence hall by Noon on Saturday, May 21, 2016.

Do not fill out this application if you are graduating, staying for summer housing, or staying during senior week as part of a group.

If you have a special need to stay for senior week because of participation in commencement, athletic team finals or other Rensselaer-sanctioned activities, extensions will be arranged/ approved in consultation with the person coordinating your function (Coach, Office of University Events, etc.) You must contact that person rather than our office to make arrangements.

What if I am living off campus and my lease starts on June 1st?

An application will not be approved if you are living off-campus for the summer and your lease does not begin until June 1st. The only reason extensions are granted is if you have an RPI affiliated purpose for being on campus (senior week, summer housing, volunteering for graduation, etc). You will need to apply for summer housing and pay for a week of summer housing in order to qualify for an extension. On May 31st at 11am (the absolute last day extensions are approved for) you would then transition to summer housing and you'd have availability of that space for a week until you can make your transition to your off campus apartment.

Last modified: Apr 4, 2016