Office of Residence Life

Visitor Policy

Students are permitted to have visitors in their rooms with in the following general guidelines:

Residents and their visitors are expected to adhere to the rules and regulations of the Institute.

A visitor is defined as any person not listed in current Residence Life records as living in the particular building or residential area. A visitor shall not remain in the residence for more than three days in a seven day period.

A visitor must be hosted by a resident living in the same hall or have permission from Student Living and Learning to enter the hall.

The resident who is acting as host is responsible for the conduct of their visitor. Inappropriate guest conduct may result in disciplinary action against the host.

Overnight visitors are permitted. However, in a shared bedroom (i.e., double or triple room), permission from all roommates must be gained before a guest may remain overnight. In the case of guests who are visiting, but not remaining overnight, care must be taken to allow for the rights of all roommates to enjoy the "privacy" of their shared room. Students are expected to respect the rights of their roommates, suitemates, or apartment mates whenever guests are present, be it overnight or not.

The host resident may be subject to disciplinary action if the visitor's presence interferes with the right of the host's roommate(s) to have access to the room or with maintaining their lifestyle in residence; if the guest remains in residence for an extended period of time (continuously or intermittently); if the visitor violates Institute regulations or becomes a disturbing influence in the residence area; or if the guest presents any health or legal problems by virtue of his or her presence.

A resident or residence area may lose the privilege of visitation if, in the opinion of Residence Life or the Dean of Students Office, visitation becomes a detriment to the ability of a resident or group of residents to live in an atmosphere conducive to effective study.

Last modified: Jan 25, 2018