Office of Residence Life


Residence Life
We strive to provide the best life, leisure, and activities for all students at RPI.
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Welcome to Rensselaer Residence Life!

Residence Life, also known as ResLife, is the focus for student housing programs related to living and dining at Rensselaer. In addition to providing clean, comfortable, and well-maintained residence halls and apartments, ResLife strives to build a community that values the potential of each individual and encourages students to broaden their perspectives, enhance personal growth, and prepare for life beyond Rensselaer.

A student staff of resident assistants, resident directors, and learning assistants complement the professionals in the ResLife office. Housing is required and guaranteed for the freshmen and sophomore years. Housing is not guaranteed for juniors and beyond, but every effort will be made to accommodate those who wish to live on campus.

Our office is open 8:30am-5:00pm, Monday through Friday. The Residence Life Office is located in the Commons building. Look for the maroon awning facing Hall Hall and the G parking lot.

We used to have a picture of two students in a loft here, but for safety, that is no longer allowed.