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Off Campus Housing

Off Campus Housing
We help keep Troy a great place to live for RPI students, faculty, and staff.
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"Off campus" refers to apartments and other dwellings for RPI students not directly supervised by Residential Education. Rather, a landlord manages an apartment complex, and the landlord follows our rules and guidelines. Our goal is to help educate you on how to find the safest, most secure, and most affordable place to stay while studying at RPI.

Graduate Student Housing
Guide to Off Campus Living

The information presented in this section was compiled by a team of Rensselaer students, staff and community leaders interested in helping you, as a student, to make more informed decisions about where you choose to live in the future, to be successful living off-campus, and to create a better quality of life for all who live in the neighborhoods surrounding Rensselaer. We think you'll find that our Guide to Living Off Campus contains lots of valuable information to help you navigate living successfully and comfortably in the community.

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Jump Off Campus for Off Campus Housing

Jump Off Campus and RPI's Off Campus Housing department are pleased to announce that housing and attractions off campus will have postings available at It's free - all you need is your email address to sign up!

Off Campus F.A.Q.s

Answers to all your off-campus housing needs.

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