Office of Residence Life

SLL Staff

BARH Staff

Burdett Avenue Residence Hall (BARH)

Barton Hall Staff
Blitman Commons Staff
Bray Hall Staff
Bryckwyck Apartments Staff
Cary Hall Staff
City Station West Apartments Staff
Colonie Apartments Staff
Crockett Hall Staff
Davison Hall Staff
E-Complex Staff

Cassatt, Clement, Hearne, Hirai, Voorhees, and Waite.

Hall Hall Staff
Nason Hall Staff
North Hall Staff
Nugent Hall Staff
Polytechnic Residence Commons Staff
Professional staff
Quad II Staff

Caldwell, Church I - VI, Pardee, and Roebling

Quad I Staff

Buck, Cooper, Hunt I - II, MacDonald, and White I - IV

RAHP A Staff

Rensselaer Apartment Housing Project (RAHP): Albright and Colvin

RAHP B Staff

Rensselaer Apartment Housing Project (RAHP): Beman and Brinsmade

Sharp Hall Staff
Stacwyck Apartments Staff

McGiffert, Rousseau, Thompson, Williams, and Wiltsie

Student Living & Learning Staff Selection Process

RA Selection information

Warren Hall Staff