Fraternity & Sorority Housing

Living in a fraternity/sorority house helps build community, strengthen friendships and provides a home away from home.

Current, Future, and Potential Residents:

Rensselaer believes that housing is an important part of the fraternal experience, as living among ones peers helps build community, strengthen friendships and provides a home away from home. That being said, not all fraternities/sororities within our community provide housing. Currently, of our 32 active chapters, 24 of them have a facility on or near campus. Students interested in fraternity/sorority accommodations should make sure to ask their respective fraternity/sorority leadership about housing requirements and cost prior to making plans to live within a fraternity/sorority house.

As part of the Fraternity & Sorority Commons, chapters with houses are permitted to have sophomore residents, provided both chapter meet certain expectations/requirements.

  • Chapters wishing to take advantage of this live-off/residential opportunity must be granted the exemption by FSC/Housing.
  • Sophomore wishing take advantage of this live-off/residential experience must submit a FSC Housing Waiver Request.

Waiver Request Forms: 

Important Things to Note:

  1. You are required to complete the Student Living & Learning Housing Application prior to completing the FSC Fall Housing Waiver
  2. You are required to complete a FSC Member Bursar Billing Agreement as a second step within the approval process and in order to be eligible for a waiver consideration. 
  3. Regardless of ownership, Rensselaer inspects all facilities each semester to maintain houses that are safe, and conducive to learning and that are operating in full compliance with all New York State fire and building codes.
  4. Fraternity/sorority facilities differ from chapter to chapter. Whereas, some may provide a full meal plan, others may not. Some chapters may require that members live in their facility for a specific amount of time, while others do not hold such requirement.
  5. Fraternity/sorority facility costs vary by chapter as the cost will dependent on property style, may include a meal plan and/or additional fees.



At Rensselaer, not all fraternities and sororities have housing. Those with housing are represented within the Interfraternity Council, Rensselaer Panhellenic Council, and our Professional organizations. The size of chapter facilities varies greatly, and most have a capacity that is far less than their total membership, meaning the majority of members do not live in the facility.

Additionally, not all chapter houses are privately owned; some are owned or managed by the university. Another aspect of fraternity/sorority living is the live-in requirement, which varies by chapter. Some chapters require members to live in the house, while others do not. We recommend contacting the chapter of interest to learn about their specific requirements.

First-year students are not allowed to live in fraternity or sorority housing until their second semester.

Alpha Gamma Delta19 Sherry Road, Troy, NY 1218042$4,680 (Double) $6,006 (Single)$1,750
Alpha Phi1 Forsyth Drive, Troy, NY 1218044$10,500 (Single)$1,564
Pi Beta Phi8 Sherry Road, Troy, NY 1218034$6,075 (Single)Included in room rate


Acacia145 Sunset Terrace, Troy, NY 1218023  
Alpha Chi Rho1621 Tibbits Avenue, Troy, NY 1218040$3,600$800
Alpha Epsilon Pi284 Pawling Avenue, Troy, NY 1218033$3,565$1,000
Alpha Sigma Phi16 Belle Avenue, Troy NY 1218016$3,080$800
Chi Phi1981 15th Street, Troy NY, 1218034$3,100 (Single) $2,700-$2,900 (Double)    $1,400

Delta Kappa Epsilon 

Property Not Eligible for Sophomore Waiver

1599 Tibbits Avenue, Troy NY, 12180n/an/an/a
Delta Phi20 13th Street, Troy, NY 1218020$4,225 (Single) $200
Lambda Chi Alpha200 Sunset Terrace, Troy NY, 1218025$3,464 (Double)$2,020
Phi Gamma Delta82 3rd Street, Troy, NY 1218039$3,450 (Single)$400
Phi Kappa Theta107 Sunset Terrace, Troy, NY 1218054$3,710 (Double)  $750.00 
Phi Mu Delta224 Pawling Avenue, Troy, NY 1218021$4,090 (Single)$1,200.00 
Phi Sigma Kappa316 Congress Street, Troy, NY 1218028$4,700 (Single)  $1,800

Pi Kappa Phi

Property Not Eligible for Sophomore Waiver

49 2nd Street, Troy, NY 12180 n/an/an/a
Pi Lambda Phi300 Pawling Avenue, Troy NY 1211019$3,580 (Double)  $1,000
Psi Upsilon2140 Burdett Avenue, Troy, NY, 121806$1,333 (Single)n/a
Rensselaer Society of Engineering Innovation 1501 Sage Avenue, Troy, NY 1218026$3,600 (Single) 
Sigma Chi58 Pinewoods Avenue, Troy, NY 1218048$4,000 (Double)800
Sigma Phi Epsilon2005 15th Street, Troy NY 1218025$5,550 (Single)$1,400
Tau Epsilon Phi1991 15th Street, Troy, NY 1218010$3,120 (Single)n/a
Tau Kappa Epsilon1661 Tibbets Avenue, Troy, NY 1218040$3,000 (Single)$1,700
Theta Xi1490 Sage Avenue, Troy, NY 1218037$3,233.21 (Double)  
Zeta Psi25 Belle Avenue, Troy, NY 1218040$4,760 (Single) $775
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