Room Change Process

Room Changes

Room changes may not take place until the Office of Student Living & Learning staff in each area has completed occupancy checks. After that time (no later than the third week of the semester), room changes will be allowed on a priority basis. Students in increased-occupancy rooms (double rooms made into triple rooms, etc.) will receive first priority for reassignment as new spaces become available.  Students requesting to change rooms will need to meet with their Assistant Dean of Residential Commons to determine if a room change is appropriate for their situation.

Room Change Process

Students desiring to change rooms may do so by completing the following steps:

  1. Complete this form.  
  2. Students who have completed a room change request form will be contacted by their current Residential Dean to schedule a meeting to discuss the requested room change.  (Room changes are typically not reviewed until the third week of the academic term).
  3. If your current residential dean approves of the room change the student will then meet with the residential dean of the area that they would like to move to.  
  4. If this residential dean has spaces available in their building(s) they will offer you a new space.  
  5. The resident will then decide if they would like to accept the new space.  
  6. If the student accepts the new space the Residential Dean of their new area will go over the room change process with the student, and notify the new students roommates.
  7. Pick up your new room key on the date designated by the Residential Dean during your room change meeting
  8. Move all items to your new room and remove all items from your old room
  9. Return your old room keys to the Office of Student Living and Learning by 9:00am on the date given during your room change meeting. 
  10. After the room change is completed the students account will be adjusted to reflect any changes in charges between the old room and new room.

Please note:  

  • Room changes typically occur between Thursday and Sunday each week.  Students who complete a room change meeting before 5:00pm on Tuesday will be eligible to pick up their key on Thursday of that week.  Students approved after 5:00pm on Tuesday will need to wait until the following Thursday.  Old room keys must be returned to the Office of Student Living and Learning by 9:00am on Monday morning.
  • Failure to return keys may result in charges for core change(s) in your room/apartment ($35.00 per door) and/or charges for improper check-out ($150.00).
  • Failure to complete all steps in this process may result in double billing for each room that has been assigned to you.
  • Any unauthorized room change will result in a $150 fee charged to each student involved.


Fall 2023 Room Change Dates:

First Day to Request a Room Change: September 11, 2023

Last Day to Request a Room Change: October 17, 2023


Spring 2024 Room Change Dates:

First Day to Request a Room Change: January 22, 2024

Last Day to Request a Room Change: February 27, 2024

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