Leadership Opportunities

Dedicated to the goals of The Rensselaer Plan 2024, the Office of Student Living and Learning offers a variety of student leadership opportunities to enhance the student experience. Whether these leadership opportunities are year-round or semesterly, students gain experiences and skills that benefit their lives here, and beyond.

Hall Council & Resident Student Association (RSA)

RSA sponsors campuswide activities, provides a forum for residents to exchange ideas, and acts as the "voice" for students residing on campus.

A member of the National Association of Collegiate and University Residence Halls, RSA offers opportunities for students involved in residence hall affairs to share ideas and information with other students throughout the United States.

RSA members gain:

  • Valuable leadership experiences
  • Lasting relationships with campus partners
  • A deep sense of belonging to the Rensselaer community

RSA Leadership

  • Executive board
  • Representatives from each residence hall

Resident Assistants (RA)

Experience making a difference for new, transfer, and returning students while learning new skills and responsibilities that will be valuable both personally and professionally. Resident Assistants (RAs) work collaboratively with Student Living and Learning professional staff to create an inclusive community within the residence halls. In these roles, RAs and RDs articulate the policies and procedures of Rensselaer, represent the needs of students to the Institution, and contribute to the development of students outside of the classroom.

Resident Assistants are hired for Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. Students must be a junior at Rensselaer to apply.

Information about the Resident Assistant recruitment process. 

National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)

A service of the National Association of College and University Residence Hall (NACURH), NRHH is designed to give local, regional, and national recognition to students making outstanding contributions to their residence halls. NACURH firmly believes in the value of student involvement in residence hall life through community service, social programs, and educational programs.

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