Housing Requirement

Living on campus is a critical component of the CLASS (Clustered Learning, Advocacy, and Support for Students) experience. It provides students with the opportunity to live, learn, and experience Rensselaer and the local Troy area with members of their cohort.

On-Campus Living Requirements

The following cohorts are required to live on campus in the Residential Commons:

  • First-year students
  • Second-year students
  • Transfer Students in the First-year or Second-year cohort
  • Students participating in The Arch summer term.

Fraternity & Sorority Commons Waiver Exceptions

Second-year students affiliated with an active, institute recognized Fraternity or Sorority may submit a FS Commons Housing Waiver form which grants them an exemption from the campus housing requirement for their second year, allowing them to live in their organization's Institute recognized facility. However, students are required to return to the Residential Commons for The Arch Summer term.

Housing Waivers

Students with extenuating financial or medical/health-related circumstances can request a housing waiver.

Waiver requests are reviewed by a committee that meets once every three weeks. Decisions are sent to the student's Rensselaer email account.

Note: Waivers are only granted for extreme and extenuating circumstances. Signing a lease off-campus, living locally, or roommate concerns will not typically result in a housing waiver.  Click here for more information regarding housing waivers.


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