Living & Learning

Within our 22 residence halls, time-based clustering offers students the opportunity to live and learn with peers that are at the same stage of their academic journey.

Leadership Opportunities

Dedicated to the goal of The Rensselaer Plan 2024, the Office of Student Living and Learning offers a variety of student leadership opportunities to enhance the student experience, including Resident Assistant (RA) positions.


With over 475 residential programs annually, students will have the opportunity to socialize with hall residents and the campus community while increasing their  knowledge of Multicultural Sophistication, Intellectual Agility, and a Global View.

Policies & Agreements

Rensselaer Handbook of Student Rights and Responsibilities

Sets forth the Student Bill of Rights along with the national, state, and city laws and Rensselaer policies that guide Institute and judicial actions in support of student success.

The Student Living and Learning Policy

Serves as a tool to help residential students understand the responsibilities and expectations when residing in our community.

Prohibited Items in Rensselaer Residence Halls

If you reside in Rensselaer residence halls, the following item(s) and/or action(s) are prohibited:

  • Candles (whether lit or unlit), incense, scented lamps, and open flame devices of any kind.
  • Hibachis, charcoal, and gas/propane grills.
  • Live Trees.
  • Incendiary or toxic chemicals.
  • Tampering with fire safety equipment is prohibited.
  • String lights, strip lights, and wax melters.
  • Curtains and cloth-based or fabric tapestries/wall hangings.
  • Smoking and the use of tobacco products (including e cigarettes) are prohibited on all property, both indoors and outdoors, owned by, or under the control of, Rensselaer.
  • Swords, knives, or any other type of weapon or projectile-firing device.
  • Sun lamps, halogen lamps, and halogen light bulbs.
  • Hover boards.
  • Routers/Antennas/Satellite dishes.
  • Kerosene, gasoline, butane, fireworks, or other flammable liquids.
  • Portable air conditioners, space heaters, electric blankets
  • Toasters that are not stored/used in a kitchen are prohibited
  • Automatic shut-off coffee/tea makers, and microwaves ARE permitted.
  • Power strips must have grounding, overcurrent protection AND a visible reset. Power strips must not have moveable parts and cannot be connected to another power strip (“piggy-backing”) to add length to an outlet.
  • Pets (except fish with a 10 gallon tank size limit).
  • Refrigerators and micro-fridges must be adequately ventilated, 6.0 cu. ft. or less in size, and plugged directly into a wall socket.
  • Appliances that are not Underwriters’ Laboratory (UL) approved and those that contain an exposed heating element are not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, 3D printers, hot plates, crock pots, George Foreman grills, rice cookers, electric skillets, or any appliances without a thermostat/automatic shut off.
  • Trash/waste should be disposed of properly and regularly.
  • Firearms (including antique guns), explosives and other weapons, ammunition, starting pistols, paintball equipment, air rifles, bb pellets, dart guns, torches, stun guns.
  • Extension cords/multi taps.


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